Prepare for a session

How to get the most out of your healing session

So you've come this far and have taken the chance to overcome what feels like is the impossible. Congratulations and well done! 

You are on your way.

Take these steps to get the most out of your session

1. Drink water a few hours prior to your session

We are mostly made up of water and there will be alot of releasing and movement of energies that our body will endure during this process. It is alot for our bodies to experience as it has gotten so use to having these excess energies within, becoming almost a part of us. Once gone the body  and cells within rearrange energy and space and literally learns how function again without that dense ball of negative emotions that were once there. It also allows for your body's electromagnetic field to intensify in this process, as we rely on the movement of your muscles to determine what your subconscious is trying to tell us. In some cases we are unable to detect movement without proper hydration and will require a break to take some water and create movement to detect muscle changes so be sure to hydrate beforehand.

2. Think about what you would like to work on and create clear intention. Write them down

What are the symptoms of what you need work on? Is it physical pain? Is it emotional?
Is it something that causes you to overreact in to a situation you are in? The clearer you are on what the issue is that you would like resolved, the better the chance you give yourself clearing it.
If there are multiple symptoms that all have the same priorities in your conscious mind, we usually will ask your subconscious mind if there is a priority issue to work on first and there will always be an answer that you are happy with. Write them down in clear concise points so we can ask the subconscious clearly and get a strong response.

3.Technology - How will you want your session done

What mode of communication will you be set up with? 

Sessions are currently  available by WhatsApp, Telegram, or Zoho meeting (Video conference capability set up by us where we will send you a link to open within a browser). Via phone call is available if you are within Australia.
Email sessions are available if you prefer that way or cannot be present during the session. Notes and a brief recording will be sent to you.   

It is recommended 15 minutes prior to your session, to prepare and do checks on your device for your session, This allows you to sort out any technology or connectivity issues you may have, but also allows your energies to focus on being centred and ready.

4. Privacy

During the session we go through a process of finding and releasing trapped emotions and energies communicating with your subconscious. At times, the subconscious may want to bring into consciousness a particular age or event that caused the negative energy to be trapped. Your practitioner will need to know your current age to gauge the spectrum of possible ages you may have had an emotion trapped. 

Your session with your practitioner is strictly confidential and never shared. For times where the subconscious mind would like attention brought to an event causing the trapped emotion, we usually validate this with you with what you think would be the likely event. If there is an event you don't feel comfortable in sharing, we can also just validate with the subconscious if what you are 'thinking' is the correct event

5. Processing the release of energy

During your session after the first trapped emotion is released, the body starts to go into 'Processing' mode.

Processing is where the body rearranges and moves around energies that have been released. The body needs to fill in the space that was once there.
Once the body gets 'Overloaded" with too much activity, the subconscious will no longer allow any more to be released and we need to allow healing to occur.

Most of the time there are mild to no side effects, however there is a possibility there are side effects. Side effects can include:

 - Fatigue
 - Echoes of the emotion that was released
 - Nausea
 - Emotional
Remember to drink plenty of fluids after a session. Your body's cells are made of water and have just released a bucket load. You and your cells need water replenishment.