Did you know you may have a Heart Wall?

A Heart Wall is literally a wall around the Heart made by the subconscious, of
negative emotional energy from painful experiences. The intention is to protect
our Heart from extreme emotional pain or to even stop it from breaking. Over
time, this wall prevents love from coming in or going out. Emotional numbness,
lacking of empathy and inability to feel joy are just some of the symptoms.

Read more on Dr Bradley's discovery of the heart wall here

Here are some fascinating facts about our Heart!

  •  Our heart is the first to be created, even before our brain, then the rest of the body follows. 
  • Our heart can store memories and energy as well as our brains 
  • We send powerful electromagnetic signals from our heart when experiencing feelings of love or gratitude
  • Scientists have discovered that these electromagnetic signals are detectable in the brain waves of another person
  • Our heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain does to the heart
  • Heart has cells similar to brain cells. It has been found to have an intrinsic nervous system of its own, containing around 40,000 neurons called sensory neurites.
  • This allows the heart to act independently of the brain, sending and receiving meaningful messages of its own through the autonomic nervous system.
  • Heart Neurites think feel and remember on their own. Long and short term memory neurons able to store large amounts of memory on their own
  • There are hundreds of accounts of heart transplant patients reporting changes in food preferences, music, art recreation and career. Many can be verified by the donors families that they are identical to the donors preferences...Amazing!
  • If our brain is severed but our heart is still intact, our body will still survive.