Hi there : ) I’m your Emotion Code and Body Code Practioner

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a gift and a knowing of things beyond my years. I had a calling and urge to help others that were in need. 
I remember in primary school even though I was mega shy, and a very early refugee, I felt an urge to defend kids that were picked on or disadvantaged. As I got older like most, life got in the way and by my teenage years I preferred to just fit in and stuff away the gifts I had deep inside me, dormant.... until awoken.

Before becoming a Energy healing practitioner, I was working in the IT industry for over 15 years, where I could use my problem solving skills and logic around technology to help departments and people. The main reason I loved this role for so long is that I could see that people needed care, understanding and patience when learning or dealing with technology.  But because this work is so evidence based and data driven, I was a very big skeptic! I needed to see evidence of results before really believing in energy work, as it just seemed too good to be true! 

The gift I had inside me lead me to The Emotion and Body Code.
Well suffice to say, once I saw the evidence in my own life... ie. migraines disappearing, irrational fears melting away, anxiety completely gone, sadness and pms no longer even noticed (the list is endless), I had no doubt at all. I now KNOW, in every cell in my body, this is a gift from God and is a miracle at our disposal!  The magic that was happening within myself and my family was truly surreal, and I was sold. 

I learned how to implement a systematic approach in my technology solutions at work, which just flowed beautifully into my energy healings. It has helped my method by being solution focussed and results driven while still having my empathic nature and gift to assist healing gently in others.

I  have experienced trauma numerous times throughout my life and now understand it was all part of my purpose, so that I could heal myself and then help others do the same.

I’m so excited you’ve come this far in your healing journey, and you should be really excited too 😉 A massive sea of opportunity awaits you. It was the BEST decision of my life, and I have no doubt it will be the best decision of yours too. Just take a chance at faith and see where it could take you in life.

My biggest piece of advice to you is – Never Give Up Hope. There is ALWAYS a reason for everything. Literally – a subconscious energetic reason why you think negatively, or you have that pain or physical symptom that you do, or you cannot change a bad habit or procrastinate chronically.  And it will make total sense if you just open your mind to the possibility that it is all just negative energy, trapped in the body. 

 Albert Einstein believed that everything in the universe, including emotions, is energy, and that this energy can become blocked or trapped in the body, creating even physical symptoms. He once said, "Future medicine with be the medicine of Frequencies" 

You got nothing to lose but emotional baggage 😉
Love Cyen X