I am Australian, of Vietnamese heritage and have come from an IT background where the approach is focused on logical solutions for user technology and systems. I am a wife and mum of a beautifully blended family of 4 kids sharing a child with my husband.
My parents came to Australia as refugees and started from scratch, risking their life to escape communism with their 6 kids. They worked 7 days a week and I went through school raised mostly by my siblings who were growing up themselves. My parents spoke a different language to me and I spoke back in english so communication was very little. Mum seemed, to me at least, to feel inferior and indebted to our sponsors and others. She acted as if she had to be of 'service'. The message I received as a child was that I was to put others needs first, and mine didn't really matter. Being the youngest child with a 7 year gap from the next sibling exacerbated this issue as no one wanted to look after the kid. My first memory as a child was self loathing at age 7 with the words, "I just wish I was white". This low self esteem created havoc in my adolescent years and well into my life as a young adult.

Despite this lonely childhood, I recall having knowledge and intuition way beyond my years. Messages came to me but I didn't know what they were at the time, or that I was different. These messages would filter through in my adults years in spurts as I experienced spirtual awakenings that opened up my eyes and mind to a higher frequency.

My journey saw me going through an isolated and lonely childhood, to then later finding myself in a dysfunctional and toxic marriage to a narcissist that I struggled through the family court system and co-parenting nightmares, once I had finally cut the cord. 

I had heard about The Emotion Code in 2017, 4 years after I had remarried my now husband. All the emotions I felt from the previous marriage were all still there in my new marriage and it didn't make sense... I'd escaped! That experience definitely changed me. I was easily upset when fights occured, angry and  numb and very reactive when other's did not take responsibility for their actions, had a victim mentality or blamed others. My husband had baggage from his own marriage to a narcissist and his service in the military, so together without resolving these issues there was certainly love, but fireworks.

I was skeptical and money was tight. But when my marriage was at it's lowest, I bit the bullet and decided to invest in myself and my marriage. I figured, if this works it is invaluable... what do I have to lose? Since then I have never looked back and have harnessed my divine gift to learn how to heal others using the Emotion and Body Code. Incredibly, I have transformed myself and many others along the way and still am so amazed at the miracles I get to enable straight from God, that transform's lives every day... It truly is the World's Best Kept Secret. The miracles just keep coming.

My approach to energy healing is similar to my approach in IT, solution focused and systematic. However my intuitive side and calling from a higher power is very strong - together this just seems to work in harmony. 

I am so grateful that I am able to do this work and fulfill my love of helping others. I know my role here is to be part of the bigger picture, God's Divine plan. This world is experiencing a higher frequency and massive solar shift, and the reason being to change the world and remind people what really matters in life.

Covid-19 is turning the world upside down, but that is just all part of that Universal plan ; ) 

I hope I can connect with you soon : )

Much love,