Our Beloved Family Pets

Our Pets have trapped energy just as we do! 

Just as us humans have trapped emotions creating distortion to our natural energy field and causing unnecessary health and emotional issues, so too does this happen to animals

We can help your Pet suffering from behavioral and health issues including but not limited to:

Excess barking | Fussing | Vomiting
Fear | Biting |Scratching
Fussy eating | Incontinence
Sickness | Aggression
Obesity | Separation anxiety
Inappropriate urination and defecation
Skin issues | Ear infections

Introductory Pet Session $35

Book an introductory session to experience how the Emotion and Body code can help your Pet for the first time

Single Pet Session $70

For Pets who have one issue to focus on or for those who would like to manage symptoms as they come go

6 Pet Session Package $350​

Save $70 with this package. Perfect for Pets to work on multiple symptoms


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Give your pet a chance at healing so they can be their usual happy version of themself again