How it Works

How we remove imbalances that are the underlying cause to many - if not all symptoms we face

Your practitioner can talk to your subconscious mind through muscle testing

Your Emotion code practitioner can communicate with your subconscious by speaking to it through Muscle Testing. Muscle testing is a technique that has been discovered and used historically by Doctors to check on the health of muscles and organs from the early 1900's and has progressively evolved to applied kinesiology as founded by Dr Goodheart in 1960.

Muscle testing is based on the idea that the body is very electrical. The brain alone produces 100 Watts of electricity, and muscle testing is a form of biofeedback using this electrical field.

To perform muscle testing (Kinesiology), a particular muscle is held in a contracted state. Then pressure is applied to this stiffened muscle. If the muscle holds or “locks”, it is considered a positive feedback response. If it is weak or doesn't hold, it is considered a negative response.

The subconscious mind is like a super computer. It knows everything about you, knows every memory we have forgotten, every emotion we have ever encountered and every experience we've endured during this lifetime and beyond. The Subconscious is so intelligent that it controls your bodily functions like digestion, breathing, sleep, waking up, releasing of hormones, heart beating without even batting an eyelid.

Your practitioner will connect to your subconscious only with your permission. This can be done via proxy using an energetic connection. Once connected, he\she will ask your subconscious Yes or No questions. Using muscle testing and an emotion chart, will either get a positive, or negative response to which emotion is affecting the client's symptom. The practitioner will then proceed to remove the discovered trapped emotion from your energy field using magnets and intentional and positive input into the Governing Meridian, an energy vessel that communicates with the rest of the body's energy vessels that runs from the top of the lip, to the bottom of the spine. This systematic process is repeated until the subconscious communicates it cannot remove anymore and requires time to process. 

How can this work be done remotely ?

​We are all made of the same thing

If you magnify the back of your hand enough times, you will see empty space. 

Humans are made of the same matter that everything else is made up of in the universe. If we look at and magnify the human body down the scale we find cell, molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles and pure energy. 
Your trapped emotions are made up of energy generated by our thoughts and events,  We are all made of energy and as such, working in this space allows the practitioner to connect to their clients, energetically.